Larry Caruso


The book Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste sat on my nightstand for 2 years before I opened it. After the first 10 pages I'd decided I was going to try Hot Power Yoga .... that day! Being a long distance runner and weight lifter I thought it was going to be a breeze. I walked into my first class a few hours later. I approached yoga head on and to my surprise it physically floored me.

Over the next few weeks the teachers showed me how to try easy and how to rest in the resistance as opposed to using bull force.


Instead of me doing yoga I was taught how to let yoga do me. I found the balance between not enough and way too much, it was a watershed moment in my love for physical activity. Like many others I thought yoga was just bending and stretching exercises, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root to unite, that being the union of mind and body. Through my practice I learned how to slow the train down, calm the mind and minimize the worry that daily life presents. It eliminated aches I’d had for years and increased my core strength to levels previously unattainable. The icing was to discover that my interest in self-transformational writings from authors like Lao Tzu, Deepak Chopra, Echardt Tolle and others now had a place in my daily life. What a marriage: mind and body growing together in harmony.

I’ve completed Baron Baptiste Level 1 Teacher Training 2009 and Baron Baptiste Level 2 Teacher Training 2010 in Austin. I've completed the 4 day Baptiste Teacher Assist program Cambridge 2009 and the 1 Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste Boston 2009. I continue my education through the Baptiste organization and its affiliates. Beside my love for yoga I’m passionate about running, having covered about 25,000 miles in 11 different countries. Some of the more memorable runs were with the Tokyo’s Runners Club around the Emperor’s Palace in Japan, Circus Maximus in Rome and the Pan American Highway in Central America.

I am truly honored to be part of the Amazing Yoga Travel team. Sharing what I love in life brings me the greatest joy.







Susan Caruso

Co-Founder of Amazing Yoga Travel

Susan's vision and energy remain the driving force for the Amazing Yoga Travel team. The awakening and revitalizing experiences she shared with others helped shape the AYT community and transformed many lives.

In January 2006, Susan took her first Power Vinyasa class. She discovered a new-found passion in yoga and successfully encouraged her husband Larry to join her on that path. Together they trained, becoming instructors and teaching at several yoga studios, locally and internationally. She volunteered weekly as a yoga instructor at a local women's correctional facility.

Through yoga, Susan discovered that when she stepped out of her comfort zone and opened her mind to the possibilities of the universe, the amount of happiness that resulted was limitless. "What were once only far off dreams and destinations I'd only thought possible to view in a copy of National Geographic Magazine, were now becoming realities in my life," Susan wrote. "My comfort zone expanded far outside the four corners of my yoga mat. I realized that as soon as I let go of trying to control my life and stay within the confines of my comfort zone, my life began to explode with amazing experiences, travel, opportunities, freedom and flow."

Together Susan and Larry formed Amazing Yoga Travel with the purpose of safely leading people to worldwide destinations for yoga exploration. She encouraged people to live their dreams and live life with the belief, "If not now, when?"