American citizens: Need a Passport or need to renew. Click here to visit the Travel.State.Gov website for information on how to obtain one.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.               
Do I need a Passport  Visa or Immunizations?


  Passport: YES 
Visa: NOImmunizations: NO
  Passport: YES
Visa: NO
Immunizations: NO
  Passport: YESVisa:YES
Immunizations: YES
INDIA  Immunizations: Yes—Contact Travel Clinic at your hospital at least 2 months
INDIA  prior to your departure.
  Passport: YES 
Visa: NO
 Immunizations: NO
THAILAND  Passport: YES  Visa: NO 
 Immunizations: YES











The above information covers the areas we hold our retreats in. If you are planning on expanded travel way outside of the areas we're in, it's not a bad idea to visit the CDC web page to see if any precautions are advised

What type of yoga experience do I need?

None, you don't have to have any experience with yoga to travel on an Amazing Yoga Travel Trip. Our trips offer all level yoga to those that want to take class, it's completely up to you. For those that want to practice yoga, all levels of yoga experience and age groups are welcome. If you are  new to yoga and are a bit intimidated to go on a yoga retreat or vacation, don’t be! Yoga is non-competitive and the sessions
are beginner to advanced all level classes. Modifications are offered during class for those less experienced and for those more advanced. You'll enjoy it

What should I pack?

After signing up for your trip we will send you additional information about what to pack and
other details to help you prepare for your retreat. You can also contact us anytime via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with additional " what to pack " questions.

Who typically goes on an Amazing Yoga Travel Retreat/Vacation?

Those who typically go on yoga  retreats are both women and men who  fall into the age range
of mid 20s to 60s. They are looking to take a well-organized professionally run trip with high
standards  by a reliable, competent company. We take care of the details, your relax and explore. All kinds of travelers come together on a Amazing Yoga Travel vacation. You'll find those who comfortably match your pace and outlook, and those who liven up the mix with a different perspective. They are sociable and would rather travel with others than solo, typically easy-going, and go with the flow. The common bond: A passion for discovery and a deep appreciation for the defining moment, be it a gorgeous sunset or the perfect moment during your yoga practice.  

I'm thinking about signing up for a trip but I will be coming alone. I don’t have much travel experience and I'm concerned about going to a foreign country by myself.


No worries! Our trips are guided right from the time you arrive at the airport. Many of us have thought
about exotic vacations to far off places but are held back by the concern of traveling alone.
On our trips you'll make friends immediately and quickly join the group. Plus, our travelers are typically an open-hearted crowd attracting a lot of great people. Traveling is a great time to learn more about yourself in a foreign place and to be open to all the wonderful experiences that come across your path. Rarely do we regret having traveled somewhere new, rather more so that we did not.

Can I drink the water and eat the food in Costa Rica ?

You bet you can, the food and water is safe throughout Costa Rica. This is an amazingly beautiful country with incredible people. Costa Rica has been voted the " Happiest country on Earth " for the 7th year in a row !



What else do I need to know?

If you have any questions, please email us. If you've signed up for one of our trips, we will be emailing you further information about your stay. Join our email list for even more info Sign up for Amazing Yoga Travel info



India travelers: Be sure to check TOURIST BOX under purpose of travel.  
India Visa’s are obtained through the outsourcing agency linked below. Be certain to read carefully and follow all instructions.  Allow at least 2-4 weeks for processing:


Do trips ever get canceled?  Although Amazing Yoga Travel has never canceled a trip, it is possible if not enough travelers sign up of if there are things out of our control. Should we cancel a trip, your money paid to us will be refunded. We are not responsible for any other expenses or loss of personal property prior or during or after our travels